..."You are Souls going through the Human Experience"

The Journey of the Soul is our journey back home, to the place where we feel complete, loved and limitless. We embarked on the way long ago, taking the courageous choice to learn what is love in a body of flesh, and to discover our destiny and the purpose of Life itself.
On our journey we have taken upon ourselves numerous faces, passed through cultures and life-spans, gathered memories, loves and wounds. Each choice we have made was meaningful and precise and enabled us to reach this moment, this time in which we can remove the veil from our eyes and connect to whom we really are.
With Reincarnation Therapy we fly across time, deep into the distant past and to the dimension of the soul. In a protective, loving space we gather the essence of the lessons waiting to be learned and let insights develop within. Their hidden powers of intelligence and love release themselves in our reality as a sense of relief, healing and profound wisdom.

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